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Ella Coaching presents you with a philosophy of enjoyment for the development of your personal and professional life. It fosters the creation of a balanced environment, leading to the highest form of happiness.

Ella Coaching services are targeted at both individuals –face-to-face sessions of life coaching, group workshops and career guidance– and corporations who wish to invest in their human assets and implement changes on a new level. We offer executive coaching, skill training and HR strategic consultancy with a clear focus: to attract, develop and retain talent.

At Ella Coaching, we truly believe in the power of one when it comes to achieve great things. Every step we take, no matter how small, gets us closer to our goal and, most importantly, keeps us going. It sets the inner mechanisms in motion to bring out the best in everyone.

We are absolutely passionate about what we do –that's what sets up apart!


Our philosophy is defined by the ELLA acronym:



Through the development of skills, self-knowledge and the design of environments that nurture diversity and flexibility.



Each one is the leader of their own lives and decisions. Be the driving force behind positive changes of your own choosing!



Doing everything with love and passion is a guarantee of success. Enjoying what we do is a core priority in our road to happiness.



Turning ideas into action is the ultimate step to create a new reality.

These are the values that define Ella Coaching, the pillars of each one of our projects...
And they make us stand tall!



  • - Life coaching Life Coaching This space is devoted to women. Often times, we are confronted with complicated situacions resulting from the challenges we face in our personal and professional lives. Social, but also family pressures might influence us to such an extent that we might forget that the most important thing is to enjoy what we do and experience.

    It is in times of change that coaching can be particularly beneficial. Overcoming fear and insecurity will make you shine brighter.

    Ella Coaching does not believe in stereotypes, but personal decisions that each one of us takes in order to reach our goals and be happy.
  • - Coaching and health Coaching and health The fact that our thoughts and emotions have a great impact on our bodies and health has been scientifically proven.

    That's what makes coaching an important care activity. It is the perfect addition to traditional medicine and also deepens our self-knowledge.
  • - Group workshops Group workshops We do group workshop on different topics aimed at obtaining new visions and tools to improve different aspects of life.
  • - Career Guidance Career Guidance Using coaching techniques and job counselling, decision making becomes easier at turnings points such as the start of your work life or when redirecting your career.


  • - Executive Coaching Executive Coaching Coaching for executive and middle managers, as well as future managers, with a view to optimising their leadership skills and promoting the development of people, teams and customers, resolution of conflicts, etc.

    We believe coaching is an essential tool in a career development plan.
  • - Training skills Training skills Meetings and workshops to develop soft skills.

    The design of the program is 100% customized, catering for the needs of each individual client.
  • - Strategic HR consultancy Strategic HR consultancy Tailored projects based on an analysis of the client's current situation and a clear definition of its goals.

    We have a clear focus on people, the ultimate value of any corporation. That is why investing on them will get you closer to your business goals. This investment is a guarantee for success.

    Our main areas of specialization are: Health at Work, Leadership and Team Building, Work environment, Development of a sense of belonging to the company, Diversity Management and Design and implementation of work/life policies.
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility If your corporation lacks the resources to launch CSR actions, leave it in our hands! We design CSR project proposals and help implement them.

    The goal is to turn Social Responsibiity into a mutual commitment, that is why this service is totally free of charge.

About Me

Marta Rodríguez
Coach and facilitator Founder of Ella Coaching

ACC Coach certified by the ICF (International Coach Federation). Trained in Executive and Health Coaching at the European Coaching School. Degree in Labour Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid and Masters degree in Human Resources Management and International Development at the University of Manchester (UK).

After having worked in the HR Departments of different multinational corporations for a decade, she founded Ella Coaching in Jan. 2016, with the certainty that coaching and self-knowledge can help us reach whatever we aim for, as we grow as persons and professionals, getting the best out of everyone.

Marta is currently working as a coach, trainer and leader of the Ella Coaching projects.

Marta Rodríguez


A network of coaches and different professionals are currently collaborating with Ella Coaching. If you're experienced in our field and share our vision and values,

Ella Coaching would love to hear from you! Contact us at Ella@ellacoaching.es


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